Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sewing Lull

Not much time to sew this week. Work has been busy and I'm in between fun projects to work on. I did find 15 minutes or so to play. I made a couple of coasters.

And some wonky house blocks. These two are only five inches square. Sewing really gives your eyes and brain a rest when you've been staring at a computer all day. Notice I didn't try anything too complicated! ; )

I'd love to try needle felting. It looks like a lot of fun and I adore the two creations that have been made for me. Is it hard? I've never been much of a sculptor, so I don't know if I could pull off something like the hedgie, but the heart might be doable. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to wool. I start itching just looking at these two cuties. I had to handle them with a cloth to take the photos and I'm still kind of itchy. Maybe I could wear gloves or take a Benadryl or something. Just what I need, another craft!

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  1. I'm allergic to wool too. At least, it gives me eczema, of the itchy blistery weepy variety. Can't wear it, can't crochet with it. (Case in point: felted soap, my own personal nightmare.)

    I have needle felted, but yeah, it bothers me. I think if I wore a light cotton glove on my "holding" hand, I might be OK. But there are too many other fun things out there!


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