Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Plugging Along

Look at this little nugget. This is Liam, my friend Kathy's little grandson. He's wearing the businessman onesie I made him. The necktie looks a little 1970s, eh?

There, that's better. Looks like my dad did in the 70s! I'm probably going to get in trouble for that little bit of Photoshop...

Remember the Ugly Fabric I received for the guild challenge? I actually think it's pretty fabric. Very colorful. And fishy.

Sneak peek of what I'm trying to do. Hopefully it will look as pretty as the original fabric!

BettyCrockerAss (one of my all-time favorite blog names and blogs) inspired me as usual this morning. She was whipping up pincushions, so I decided to make a few too. Hers turned out so cute and she has helpful links to patterns and techniques. Thanks so much BettyCrockerAss and all those you linked. You all provided all kinds of fun for me this morning.

Jon Stewart is on the Okra show today. He is so funny. His Rally to Restore Sanity sounds just like what I'd like to see. Nothing like a call-to-reasonableness to get people thinking.


  1. I so wish I could go to the Rally to Restore Sanity...

  2. Those sideburns....priceless. WOW.

  3. i love how you are using my son and then photo shopping him. love love love the pic! you did a great job on the shirt and the pic. he got so many compliments when he wore it too. but it brings me to once conclusion you need a job!

  4. <<<< Will work for crappy Photoshop transformations. And I'm trying to raise good teens here. That's a job, people! LOL!

  5. What a fun onesie - love the cute baby pics:) Your pincushions look gorgeous - especially love the orange one:)

  6. Very good idea


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