Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh, yum.

I love my meatloaf. I fill it with oatmeal, onions, celery, eggs, fresh parsley, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, spices galore, tomato sauce, and more. Unfortunately, my family hates it. My meatloaf is even better the next day. Slice a cold slab and put it on some toasted bread with mayo, salt and pepper. Maybe some salad greens if you have them. Heaven. My family hates that sandwich too. Spoilsports!

So tonight I tried the Pioneer Woman's meatloaf. Delish! Yep, the family hated it. Boo my family! I also made her cheese grits. Oh my goodness. You must try these. You'll have to buy the cookbook, but lordy, lordy, if you want to abuse carbs, this is the way to go. Sublime! And totally worth the price of her cookbook. Add a green salad and some cholesterol meds and you have a very healthy dinner. I'm kidding about those meds, you can get out there and exercise and get away with much more! ;) Exercise is important to foodies! More cardio = more fun foods. Right?


  1. My family will eat meatloaf but they don't love it the way I do. And I always make enough to have a sandwich the next day ~ never thought of putting mayo on it though... it's usually ketchup!

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