Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Friday and a Bones Update

First of all, thank you to all of you who offered such sweet and caring words for our pup, Bones. He is doing very well! It's only been 13 days since he lost the use of his back legs, but he is regaining the ability to walk which we weren't really expecting after our visit to the vet. He looks a little tipsy when he walks, but he can do it! He's dragging his back legs less and less. And he can go potty fine now (yay!) He's been a trooper through the whole ordeal and we've learned so much about this disc disorder and alternative treatments.

Now our problem is keeping the little monkey down! He bounds through the house and yard like normal and he's supposed to be immobilized in a small crate for 6-8 weeks while his disc deals. Yeah, right! But we're trying! My son rigged this temporary crate which is somewhat bigger than the dog carrier. Bones will stay under the laundry basket for a few hours at a time. Then you have to hold the rotten little dog or feed him chicken! ; )
He was using the Christmas bone toy as a pillow (awww!), but when I got near him he lifted his head up. Tough life, huh?

In other news, the lovely and talented Victoria from Bumble Beans is looking for some house blocks to make quilts to help the homeless in New York. It's always nice to help! If you're interested in making a block or two, the details can be found here.

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  1. Good for Bones! I'm very happy to hear he's healing. He sure is a cutie!
    Our little YorkiePoo uses her toys as pillows, too.


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