Saturday, September 4, 2010


I haven't bought any crafting supplies, or especially fabric. Yeah, yeah, I know, it's only been two days, but still. You should see all the fabric deals online! They keep sending me suggestive e-mails, the meanies. I did have some fun with the scraps today. A ladybug paper pieced block.

A Totoro mini quilt for a swap. Believe it or not, this is the second Totoro quilt I've made. The younger generation must really love this quirky Japanese movie. I know my kids watched it about six million times. I thought it was kind of eerie and odd. The music was especially creepy.

Here's my first Totoro quilt.

And here's a leaf quilt made with some batik scraps someone sent me. Lotsa fun going on here today. I hope everyone else ignored laundry like me!


  1. Those are some great looking quilt blocks! I love that you used your stash fabric. I know what you mean about it only being 4 days into the challenge but still avoiding temptation. My local quilt shop had a clearance sale today, but I resisted.

  2. your blocks are lovely! using scraps is the best, isn't it? your totoro blocks remind me of when my girls were little. ya, they watched that movie every weekend for what seemed like years. thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  3. The thing I liked best about the movie Totoro was the way Miyasaki portrayed the little girlie. She was soooo real, so much like my little girl (and my little nieces and great-nieces) that it made me cry with joy. :) My own tiny girlie is nearly 30 now and it has been a long wait for more babies to play with.

    :) Linda

    PS Love your blocks!


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