Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Share Some Stash?

My good blog buddy Karen at Sew Many Ways posted a shout out for her good blog buddy who makes beautiful Quilts of Valor quilts. This organization is well known in the quilting community and I can't imagine how many lives our fellow quilters have touched through their quilt donations. While we all can't make a quilt to donate, maybe you have fabric sitting around or would love to contribute a scrap or so. If you can spare some patriotic cotton (red, white, blue or gold), drop Karen a comment. In my experience quilters are such giving people. And they like to get things done!

Our armed forces always make me so proud and secure to be an American. I truly appreciate their service and dedication to keep me and my family safe. They all do such a spectacular job. And you know it can't be easy. Quilts of Valor is just one way to show our appreciation to these dedicated men and women. I hope together we find many ways to say thanks.

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