Thursday, September 9, 2010

Food Blogs

Picture-less blogs are boring, so I threw in some of my best photography work. Not!

Although I mostly read quilting blogs, I also enjoy blogs about food. Nibble Me This is a great blog for grilling recipes. Chris makes some unique foods on his Big Green Egg grill. And hopefully Big Green Egg is sending him grills and accessories because I can't be his only blog reader that has to have one of these grills!
Hubby bought these Granny Smith apples.  I made apple burritos with a few.

Closet Cooking is a food blog that offers easy-to-follow recipes with a gourmet spin. For more gourmet dishes, check out these two: Smitten Kitchen and Orangette. Molly Wizenberg at Orangette doesn't post often, but she's a little busy. Her book, A Homemade Life is wonderful. She also writes for Bon Appetit and recently opened a restaurant in Seattle called Delancey. Another fun food blog is Pots and Pins. Nan also likes to quilt!

Hubby also bought these. I can't send him to the grocery store unsupervised.  I think he actually ate the potted meat. Aren't you glad I didn't get a shot of that? Ick!

The Pioneer Woman is a great food and family blog. Ree Drummond is a hoot and she takes beautiful step-by-step photography of her recipes. Note: do not send her recipe links to your father who will attempt to print them out. All 5,460 pages! She does have handy links to printable recipes, but I guess I forgot to tell him about that feature. Now I owe him 11 reams of paper.

Another funny thing about Pioneer Woman is that I have to hide the recipes from my family. They do not like her stuff. Or at least one or two of her recipes and now she's supposedly banned. I think not; I just refuse to name my sources now. Ree also launched a satellite recipe blog called Tasty Kitchen which is also very good.

Need to do something with this tofu. Maybe tonight.
My wine cellar.
I hope if you enjoy cooking, I've linked some new sites for you. I'd love to hear about any food blogs or recipe sites that inspire you.


  1. My favorite is Our Best Bites (sorry, I don't know how to link that). They do have real recipes, it's not all abut glow in the dark food--though that is really cool!

  2. Potted Meat?!?!? Seriously!! My Aussie friend brought me a can of something called Spotted's supposed to be a dessert/cake...but I'm certainly NOT going to try it! It seems to me, though, that anyone who would eat potted meat might also eat spotted dick?!? Shall I send the tin your way?!? Too funny! Thanks for the shout- out - glad to find your blog! xo, Nan

  3. Did you get to see Ree (PW) when she came to Orlando earlier this year? I went and got her to sign my book. She was really funny and just as nice as you would imagine her to be!

  4. You hit most of my favorites, but I'd add Parsnips Aplenty and How to Cook Like Your Grandmother. Parsnips doesn't post often now, but what she does post is interesting and I love her archives. She lived in Bulgaria for awhile, and she has recipes to some of my favorite Bulgarian dishes. Which is great, since Alex only cooks approximations and trying to translate his grandmothers' explanation has met with mixed success.

  5. I visit and almost every day as I always find new food blogs there. Pioneer Woman is still my favorite - Ree Rocks!!


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