Sunday, September 12, 2010

Color Me Happy

I finally finished the binding on this bargello. I started this quilt in March of 2008 and had only been quilting about a year, but I fell in love with batiks big time! It took a while to collect enough batiks and I tried some sort of color scheme, but ended up throwing everything together. The top sat forever and I can't even remember who quilted it. They did an excellent job though! Then the poor quilt hung in my laundry room while I procrastinated binding it. Last week I dusted it off and got it bound. Woo hoo!
Here it is in the works. Boy, my sewing area looks a lot different two-and-a-half years later.
Here it is fresh from the dryer and already in use. You know how freezing it is in Florida right now. Poor baby is worn out from cleaning the bathroom. The dog is always lounging around.

Most of my 2-inch squares were already cut.
So while the teens did all the cleaning and lawn work, I played. Oh, Fransson!'s Tokyo Subway Map quilt has always been one of my favorites. Elizabeth always makes the neatest quilts and her skills are legendary. Check out the quilt along version of this spectacular quilt. It's way above my skill level, but I'm eager to drool over everyone else's creations.

I decided I might be able to handle the smaller version, since I've tried Oh, Frannson!'s grid method of sewing squares once before. It sure makes it easy to line everything up.
Laying out the squares.
Sewing the seams.
Top all done!
And no Sunday Stash because I'm still abstaining from buying anything crafty the month of September. It's hard I tell you. I've had Material Obsession 2 on my wish list since April and it's finally available in the US now. I know what I'm ordering October 1! Until then, I'm going to go peruse the first edition and see what kind of sewing trouble I can get into today.


  1. Love the batik quilt! And apparently it "works" well too. Great photo. I like your new top too. Very modern.

  2. i love this, what a ton of little squares. i too am hesitant to dive into that tokyo subway quilt, but i like your idea of doing a small version. manageable!!

  3. Nice blog, Michele! I love your "color me happy" quilt. Is that pattern Trip Around the World, do you know? It's gorgeous! I also love your little minis. I am thinking of trying out that tokyo subway quilt. And I doubt very much it's above your abilities, not from what I can see from your pics.

  4. Love your Bargello. I haven't done one in ages. Just what I need ~ another UFO!

  5. I LOOOVE that quilt!! So gorgeous!!


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