Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Flubs

I attempted a case for my phone this morning. I used my own measurements. It would probably work if the phone wasn't in the Otter Box Inspector Gadget insisted I have. Oh well. The tutorial was easy. I may give it another try. I just wanted something to put it in when I drop it in my cave of a purse. I didn't put the scratch guard thing on the front. It looked like it was a big sticker and might hurt the phone. But I would like to avoid scratches.

Had some fun yesterday making Polaroid blocks. I ran out of that grey fabric, so I'll have to find something different for the others. I'm not sure what I'll do with these, but they were fun to make. They're only 4.5" square.

Dinners have been simple the past few days. I threw together a salad last night and made croutons out of some bread I baked. Goat's milk blue cheese was our protein of necessity. I'm out of almost everything. Meat, tomatoes, bacon, bread, grapefruit juice, dog food, etc. My car has been MIA all week. I need to get to the grocery store. And vacuum. And fold clothes.

Well, I was going to fold clothes. I guess Bones' pile of quilts on the couch just weren't as cozy as a basket of warm laundry. I let him sleep and went back to my studio to play.


  1. When the puppy was tiny we'd put her to bed in the basket of Dirty Laundry which smelled just like we did and she'd snooze until her weeny bladder awakened us all.

  2. Blogger ate my comment. Ugh. Love your excuse for not folding clothes. I really like those Polaroid blocks. Will need to check out the link. Thanks for being an enabler ;-)

  3. I really like the polaroid blocks; very cute. And you might have a nearly empty kitchen but you still made me hungry with your salad photo.

  4. those polaroids are cute! you out to put them in a quilt with cassette tapes... I need to move next door to you for the food. except for Tuna Casserole night...

  5. Love the cell phone holder!1 LOL at Bones in the laundry basket, looks like a comfy spot!


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