Monday, November 5, 2012

Let's Get This Week Started

Six more scrappy log cabin blocks to add to my growing collection. They're still not putting a dent in my scrap stash. I have 22 blocks complete. I think 10 more and I'll be done.

Any scrap or trimming under 1.5" square gets tossed. Look at my colorful trash.

Yumi, my friend from Japan, has been busy creating beautiful quilts for AAQI. Here's her last batch. I need to get these registered along with a few of mine. She also sent along some snacks that we loved.

AAQI kicked butt selling quilts in Houston this year. A banner year; they beat all previous records. I don't have the total amount they raised for Alzheimer's research, but I borrowed this image from their Faceplace page. Each pin represents a quilt sold at the Festival.


  1. What a huge gift to research for Alzheimers. I am stunned and gratified by how pwoplw care.

  2. 1. Your blocks are great.
    2. Yumi's AAQI quilts are wonderful, (as always).
    3. Where are the pics of the snacks???
    4. TY for the AAQI pin shot. I've been watching some on FB, but haven't seen this.

  3. 75,000 dollars was raised..their record to date...pretty awesome!


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