Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

I'm auditioning different fabrics for the sashing and borders for my Olive tree project. I'm not sure I have enough of that solid purple, so I may have to find something else. I've never been to any Black Friday sales, but I did do some online shopping this morning. Everyone wants fabric and rotary cutter blades for Christmas, right? Hollywood is out there with the masses trying to find good deals.

I had to buy corn flakes for the sweet potato casserole I brought for Thanksgiving, so I had a huge box of corn flakes. I happened to run across these HolyCrapTheseAreAmazing Cookies recipe and whipped these up one evening. Everyone loved them and who doesn't love a cookie recipe that is no bake and only requires five ingredients? I halved the recipe just to test it out.

College Boy went to his girlfriend's house for Thanksgiving dinner, so I whipped up this pecan pie last minute for him to take. I omitted the booze. Inspector Gadget was sad to see the pie go, so I'll give this recipe a try again with the booze. I might even pre-bake the crust like the recipe advises. College Boy said everyone liked the pie. It was a different recipe than I usually use.

We went out to the country to my cousin's house for Thanksgiving. They had a huge spread and everything was so delicious. There were 20 people, 7 dogs, 1 horse and a baby for the day. That's Jesse, the cantankerous horse. He seemed to like me and wanted to get really close. What was really funny was how he guarded his feed pail when it was time to eat. He's a kicker!

Baby Mia is such a sweetie. She played on the patio table for an hour or so. She never whimpered the entire day and only slept 10 minutes. Such a happy baby. I think she enjoyed being passed around and all the family commotion. We're a loud bunch. College Boy and his girlfriend made the two-hour drive to have dessert with us. It was a picture-perfect Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for.

The guys were busy peeling potatoes and making gravy with noodles under supervision of a mom expert. There was so much yummy food. The guys also cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom after the feast. My cousins are the best.

Nicole made this gorgeous apple pie. I'm getting hungry again. The turkey I bought Tuesday is still frozen solid. I'm hoping it thaws out so I can cook it this weekend. I need a turkey sandwich.

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