Thursday, November 8, 2012

Real Job

Real job is getting in the way of me goofing off, but I did find some spare time to sew more log cabins. Four more to go. Purple and black and white color schemes are up next. I guess I shouldn't complain about having work. As a small business, I go through slow periods which allows me more sewing and goofing off time, but it sure doesn't pay the bills.

We have a big weekend planned. Our local eatery is hosting their second annual Gumbopalooza Saturday. Apparently Inspector Gadget has offered his blue crab cleaning instruction to customers. I taught that Midwesterner everything he knows about breaking down a blue crab. He'd never seen a blue crab before he met me. Lucky for me he enjoys having crab feasts. He knows they are my favorite food. I'm not sure anyone who has never had blue crab would order them in a restaurant for the first time, but we shall see.

Saturday evening is my friend's sixth annual Chili Cook Off. I think we've attended every year except one. I won second place the first year. This year, I'm making a Jamaican Jerk Chicken chili. There were 18 entries last year and we tripped a breaker with all our crock pots. My friend just had her kitchen redone and the electrician beefed up the power in anticipation of her annual event. I can't wait to see her new kitchen. A kitchen spruce up is on my list for 2013.


  1. Sounds like you will be having a GREAT food weekend!! Let's see pics.

  2. Blue crabs for sew date? I'm afraid we would not sew anything much, but what fun!


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