Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Progress and Carnage

My paper pieced tree blocks are completed. Now to choose sashing and border fabrics. I'm hoping to get to that today between Thanksgiving prep and real job. I only have to make two dishes for Thanksgiving, so I got off easy for the holiday. I will cook a turkey for my family this weekend. College Boy received a free one from his employer. I don't need much of an excuse to roast a turkey. It's one of my most favorite things to cook (and eat).

The paper carnage from the blocks. Tweezers and a straight pin are my weapons of choice. It only took one episode of "Snapped" to get the paper off four blocks. I think my television choice was appropriate. Ha!

My cousin Jimmy's wife wanted one of my quilts and I was happy to oblige. Meka is a high-spirited, hilarious girl and I thought this quilt would fit her personality. I bought the quilting, but the piecing and applique are all mine. The applique is a needle-turn fused technique. The fabric is "Woodstock" by Isadora Phoenix. This quilt was finished four years ago, so it really needed a home.

Check out my "pieced" backing. I guess I was a tad short there. I called it "Flower Power" when I first made it, so I suppose that name can stick. I might even make a label because it took me forever to hunt down the specifics. I started out making good notes about my quilts when I first began, but that didn't last long. Flower Power is in washer getting freshened up for gifting. I hope Meka likes it.


  1. I just love those tree blocks! Where did You get the pattern?

  2. I think "Snapped" was a great choice for removing paper! I just love your blocks.


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