Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hollywood and I drug out College Boy's Legos yesterday. It started out orderly...

Then we proceeded to dump them all over the floor of my studio. She likes to organize like me, so it took all our restraint not to spend the next two weeks sorting Legos. I did find all the people and hats though! And wheels. And accessories. What we were trying to make is this Lego sewing machine. Now you can see why College Boy needed college scholarships and attends state colleges. We spent the private college money on Legos. Harvard probably wouldn't have been fun anyway. Too cold.

Tada! Hollywood did a good job didn't she? Funny since she never really played with Legos. She was more of a Barbie, bead, crafty kid. My vacuum cleaner was reminiscing the Lego days yesterday afternoon. Some of those pieces are tiny. We found all kinds of "treasures" in the Lego boxes. A padlock, fingernail clippers, a toenail clipping, Mr. Potato Head, several Matchbox cars, dead batteries, one pog, several Crazy Bones and two Mighty Beanz. Not to mention rubber bands and dismantled electronics. It was like memory lane I tell you.

See, Lego sewing machine looks just like Red, my machine. Same blue spool of thread too.

I'm hoping to finish my 192 four patches today. About 40 more to go. Piece o' cake. Step two of this mystery quilt should be posted tomorrow. I want to be ready.

A rose from my neighbor's garden. She has several bushes with these rose-like flowers. They're tiny, but really pretty. The neighbors have moved away and I have a sudden urge to cut all the dead heads off her bushes. It would take me hours. Okay, I'll go back to my side of the street. You're probably not supposed to cut them off of this type of bush anyway. Besides, I have Legos and four patches to play with.


  1. Look at that little mini machine! It's so cute!! Great job, Hollywood. The rule at my house is that if I find legos in the carpet, I throw the legos away. Okay, usually I go put them up, but he thinks I'll throw them away and that's what matters. ;)
    Is the rose like a knockout rose bush? They say you're not supposed to deadhead them, but I hate to see them like that, so sometimes I do mine anyway...sometimes.

  2. Wow, that IS an impressive array of Legos! My oldest son would be drooling with envy . . . and he's 40! I think he only plays, I mean works, with Star Wars Legos now. hee hee!

    I love the little sewing machine - great job, Hollywood! So cute!

    Good luck with the 4-patches!

  3. I love the Lego sewing machine!! We're big legoers around here. And by we, I mean my husband, and secondarily the children.


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