Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Melty, drippy, toasty Cubans served with black bean soup. One of my favorite quickie dinners. The kids love Cubans too. I crashed my panini press, but we duct taped it together and made do. Back in the day, I did them in a regular frying pan using dinner plates and canned goods to weigh them down. Sometimes I think simplicity is better, but someone thought I needed a panini press. His name rhymes with Director Widget. And you can bet he has a widget. Probably one in each size.

The Chili Cook-off was a big success. I think there were 13 different kinds of chili and all kinds of other food. My version was this Jerk Chicken Chili. It was pretty good, but didn't take home any prizes. Someone did ask for the recipe. I'm always leery sharing recipes because I usually change something or lots of somethings. It infuriates my mom. Ha!

I also brought this marinated cheese appetizer. I didn't remember to get a photo until I had wrapped it a billion times with plastic wrap for transport. The appetizer was a big hit. I'll be making this again. This recipe I followed to the T. I think I'll use less olive oil and vinegar next time. It was drippy.

Day two of my cold. Gargling vinegar and water every hour yesterday worked wonders. No more sore throat. I rested and drank tons of fluids too. This morning started off with the sniffles and a headache. Irritating since I had to get my well woman exam, mammogram, and run ten thousand errands today. I hope I didn't infect anyone. I did tire easier than normal, so I'm chilling this afternoon. And no more sniffles or headache. I think I shall be cured by tomorrow or the next day.

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  1. My husband loves cubans, but I've never had one. Sad, no? I suppose I should make them for him!


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