Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More Voting

If you live in the US you're probably sick of hearing about politics and voting. And how about those robo phone calls and flyers in the mail? I don't think I'll miss those in the least. But I do hope you voted. And if not, there's still time. Get out there! Today's the deadline. ;)

Voting has begun for the Blogger's Quilt Festival too. Vote here. My buddy Rene' has a quilt in the Favorite Rainbow Quilt category. It's a beauty! Fellow blogger Beth from Love Laugh Quilt has a wonderful postage stamp quilt in the Scrap Quilt category. To see all the finalists and vote, click here.

This was an unpaid political advertisement approved by me. Have a happy Democracy Day.


  1. I voted!! (That took me almost another hour, as I just had to go look at each one)!

  2. I'm voting this afternoon when I pick up the kiddos from school. It's my way of passing on civil duty to them. oh, and they enjoy their "I Voted" stickers too. :)

  3. Michele, I received my cathedral Window pincushion today, it is lovely, thank you so much. I have looked at a tutorial and am determined to try this, probably after Christmas.

  4. Thank goodness for early voting! I heard the lines are really long at the polls already today. Thanks for the shout out for my quilt. So exciting!

  5. Did it. Glad today's the last day. Hopeful that that stays true.


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