Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

2011 was a challenging year at times. Hard drive crashes, unscheduled business expenses, car wrecks, family illness, failing appliances, and other everyday life moments. The year also held plenty of fun and joy watching my kids turn into adults, continuing my passion for sewing and fabric collecting, much laughter and silliness, meeting new friends in real life and online, and keeping up with friends and family. Yep, the positive moments outweigh any of those pesky challenges.

I am ringing in 2012 with hopes of happiness and more time to sew, cook, and goof off. I hope all your wishes for the new year come true too. Happy New Year!

1. Christmas Tree Hotpad, 2. Pouch and Mug, 3. Scrappy Nine Patch, 4. Salad Caprese, 5. Mini Log Cabin, 6. Houses, 7. Pie, anyone?, 8. Kaffe HSTs, 9. Chaotic Coins, 10. Grandmother's Flower Garden, 11. Mini String Quilt, 12. Bright Wonky Star, 13. Union Jack Mug Rug, 14. Hedgehog, 15. Wavy & Straight, 16. Butterfly Close-up, 17. I Spy Florida Mosaic, 18. Mondrian Quilt, 19. Patchwork Wristlet, 20. Tulips?


  1. Yep, we faced every single thing on your challenge list! I guess we must be getting pretty darn strong by now..hey ;) New computer, files and programs added back in, quilts ready to be made..time for a New Year and a fresh new start!!! Happiest wishes for a New Year, Chele!

  2. Happy New Year! I love your blog!

  3. So excited i discovered your blog! Happy new year :)


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