Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Futility. I'm doing it right.

fu·til·i·ty  (fy-tl-t)
n. pl. fu·til·i·ties
1. The quality of having no useful result; uselessness.
2. Lack of importance or purpose; frivolousness.
3. A futile act.
So Puddin' Face needed a case for her new-to-her net book. College Boy received the thing free to give his geeky opinion and Inspector Gadget has been using it too. Puddin' finally wound up with it to use for college. It's much easier to lug than her laptop. Apparently they use computers in college now. How innovative. I used a typewriter, but never lugged it to class. And it was an electric typewriter. I'm not that old, despite what my children think.

So using this envelope idea as a starting point, I drafted a complicated pattern on my trusty graph paper. Then I cut muslin in the shape of my complicated pattern. Turns out I stink at drafting patterns. What you really need to make this is a stinkin' simple square! So I cut a piece of cardboard the size of the net book and cut my fabrics and batting. I just layered everything together and sewed all around the edges. Then I chopped off one of the corners and turned the whole thing right side out. Easy!

The hard part was hand sewing the closures and velcro. I only stabbed myself once. No blood. Progress. Puddin' head decided she didn't want a faux button. We were texting/photoing back and forth while she was making smoothies at work. She loved it! I was a proud mama.

When the kidlet got home from work, we tested out the fit. Too small! Noooooooo. I didn't take into account the depth of the net book. I thought about it, but really wanted a snug fit. Not this snug though.

But look, I have a handy case for my piece of cardboard. Back to the drawing board. And a huge, big thanks for all those step-by-step tutorials on the internet. Clearly, I'm not to be trusted on my own.

Ha! Maybe I am that old...

...because I even remember these!


  1. Haha! Glad to see that you can now keep your cardboard safe from harm!

  2. I'd be printing out the tutorials and keeping them safe in that lovely envelope. thanks for sharing the projects that don't turn out perfectly!

  3. LOL! You sure know how to tell a story!

  4. but do you remember them being 8" they were very large at first.

  5. But your fabric envelope is so beautiful! So it isn't futile....

  6. Thanks again for another laugh - if I ever need a case for my cardboard pieces I will call you for help! :)


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