Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Stash #42

Oh, quit taunting me with awesome sales and free shipping.

Our needle turn applique class was lots of fun. Mary Sorensen is a fantastic (and funny!) teacher and makes it all seem really easy. Her instruction is very detailed and includes all types of tips and tricks. If you ever have a chance to take a class, I highly recommend it. She also has a video out. The top picture shows what I learned in class. I worked a little more on it today. I want to practice while the techniques are still fresh in my head.

I have "pinned" so many recipes on Pinterest. At least pinning is calorie free. I did make this layered shrimp dip. It was okay. I love trying new recipes even if they all aren't keepers.


  1. That doggie print is so cute!

  2. Thanks for your blog! I enjoy it very much --Jean

  3. Isn't it hard to turn up a good fabric sale?!?
    Looks like you learned quite a bit at the applique class. I tried needle turned applique once and promptly returned to machine applique. Practicing will help make your new skills stick. Do you have an applique project in mind?


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