Thursday, January 26, 2012

Date Night

I have to admit, Inspector Gadget and I didn't do too many date nights when our kids were younger. We had College Boy at the dirty mall and Olive Garden two days after he was born. What did we know? Then we drug the kiddos pretty much everywhere we went. Besides, we were paranoid parents and would only let our parents watch our kids. Unfortunately, our parents live out of town. But now that the kids are older they hopefully better behave themselves on their own, we've been hanging out at our local watering hole almost every week.

Fish on Fire is our local watering hole. Ironically, it burnt to the ground a few years ago, but they rebuilt and changed the menu for the better. Every Wednesday they offer $4 seared ahi tuna salads and homemade soups. Their 15-bean soup is $1 and all the proceeds go to charity. At 8 pm, they have trivia. And not that I condone midweek drinking, but the Bud Lights are only a buck. That's cheaper than iced tea. I haven't had much else on their menu, but everyone raves about their food. I can't stop ordering the salad. Unless it's oyster night, then I must have oysters.

It's a fun time to chat with Inspector Gadget and other watering hole patrons. We run into the parents of our children's classmates from way back, older siblings of our kid's friends, old neighbors, new neighbors, our friends, tourists, traveling businessmen and all kinds of friendly people. It's kind of like our own little Cheers. And one time, at band camp, we won a round of trivia. Oh yes we did.

Tonight's dinner is going to be this buttermilk roasted chicken. My chicken has been marinating since yesterday. Going to be good! Not sure what I'll serve with it, but I'll think of something.

I did sneak in a little sewing time yesterday and used these two-inch batik squares. My guild buddy Kathryn gifted us with some of her stash she wasn't going to use. I can never say no to batiks.

I also did some glue painting on fabric. I might have time to add some paint to this today. The washable glue acts as a resist and then you wash it out. We'll see where this goes.

Check out my new tool. Shredder scissors. I'm going to use them for fresh herbs. I got the idea from one of my favorite blogs, Pots and Pins. College Boy played with them yesterday while I tailored one of his shirts. The kid is so tall and skinny and likes fitted shirts. I've taken in two for him after we researched how to do it. There are tutorials for all kinds of stuff on the web. I might even learn how to sew a button on something.


  1. I may need to check out your local watering hole! I need to find a new one since ours (Logan's Bistro) closed. Can't believe Kathryn parted with those lovely batiks. Let me know how your buttermilk chicken turns out. Sounds yummy.

  2. Oh, how funny. Not an hour ago I put that same chicken in the marinade. We have company coming tomorrow (but the kind you can experiment on) and buttermilk roast chicken sounded like the perfect company-but-still-gives-me-time-to-visit meal. Of course, I never have buttermilk and it turned out I only had one cup of milk, so I did one cup milk and one cup yogurt. My substitutions bible says it will work,so fingers crossed!

  3. Good for you for having date night!! We're pretty paranoid about leaving our kids, too, but have grandparents in town that beg to keep them. Oh, the bliss.

  4. Glad band camp was such a good experience for you! :)


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