Friday, January 6, 2012

Made in Cherry Quilt Along

I stumbled upon a neat quilt along by Pins & Bobbins. It's called the Made in Cherry Quilt Along and features a lovely pattern by the talented Sarah Fielke. I've done a few mystery quilts with Bonnie Hunter and joined in several quilt alongs. It's fun to sew with people.

Not my eye. Photo blatantly lifted from the squinternet.
Had my eye exam today and I'm still all dilated. Blech. Puts me out of sorts. I don't know why it takes my eyes so long to "come down" even when my doc uses the quarter strength of the usual drops. Looking at a computer screen for fun isn't too taxing, so I think I'll go check out what everyone's been up to on Pinterest. A little eye candy for my big fat eyeballs.

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  1. EEK. You just made my eyes water at the thought. I hate dilation!


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