Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tooling Around

College Boy thought mama had bought him an expensive new lens for our camera we share. Elf on a shelf is sitting there wondering when I'm going to put away the Christmas crap. I was trying to find little elves to help me with that task, but it looks like I'm on my own. Maybe I'll leave all the red ornaments on the tree and call it the "Valentine's Day" tree. Glad it's a fake tree or it would have caught fire by now.
See, it's just a coffee cup. Bad mama to tease like that.

I had to have these $2 tweezers I saw at the fabric shop yesterday. That girl needs a cheeseburger!

Told you I was going to have make the mouse pincushion. I wish I had done the eyes differently. Maybe closer together. He looks a little wide eyed. It was still a simple and fun pattern.

Finally started my Florida quilt for the doll quilt swap I host. January has an optional theme of "Show Us Where You Live." I think flamingos, fruits, flip flops, space ships, oranges, tropical fish and frogs describe our state very nicely. Oh, and of course the ever present road signs as our roads are always under construction. Note I left out snakes. Even though I'm a snake magnet, I do not have any snake fabric.

For my 2010 Florida quilt, "Tacky Tourist." I had a bit of fun with applique. Note socks with sandals. It's a common site here. I just noticed the tourist has a tattoo on his arm! I forgot all about that. Wonder if it says "Mum." We get lots of British tourists.

The 2011 "I Spy Florida" quilt with more novelty fabrics. I have a never-ending supply of that dang green frond fabric.

My partner sent me a California surfing quilt. Love that pink poodle surfer chick. This was her first doll quilt swap and she said she had fun making the little quilt. Her sewing group is making doll quilts too, so she's looking forward to making more. They are quite addictive.

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