Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday, and yes my Christmas tree is still up.

Oh chicken piccata, how I love thee. I always forget how easy this dish is. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are usually kind of tasteless, but add some lemon juice, chicken stock, butter and capers to sauce it up, and they turn delicious! There are many variations of this recipe, some bread the chicken cutlets more, but I like the simplicity of the flour dredge. It makes an amazing sauce to drizzle on egg noodles, rice, pasta or bread. Fresh parsley adds a bunch to this dish, but I was smack out of it. I kind of panic when I run out of fresh parsley. I will remedy my lack of parsley tomorrow.

Look at these Meyer lemons my mom gave me. She grows them. They are huge and so juicy.

A little salad and bread (before I toasted it) isn't going to hurt either. I also made some egg noodles and green peas. Not a bad quickie dinner. And tons of leftovers. I really should have had 10 kids. I know, bite my tongue, but I always cook for 12. My mom was/is the same way. I was an only child and my mom cooked like we had a whole crew of kiddos. It is kind of nice that anyone can stop by and share a meal. The kid's friends know they can always get fed here. Inspector Gadget and I eat leftovers for breakfast and lunch every day, so not much goes to waste.

Hills Creek Quilter has finished her Dear Jane top. It's absolutely gorgeous. Go see! If you would like to learn more about the history and fascination with the Dear Jane quilt, go here.

Another fun compilation of crafty goodness is Skip to My Lou's Made by you Monday. I like to leave the tab up all day long and flit over when I need a break from work. There are always great recipes, crafts, DIY projects and more. Just keep refreshing throughout the day and you'll find plenty of great projects and inspiration. I bombard my Pinterest boards on Mondays. Blogland is filled with craftiness! So now you know why my Christmas tree is still standing.


  1. Thanks for that dinner idea! That chicken looks WONDERFUL! I've copied the recipe and hope to make it VERY soon.

  2. That looks like a very nice recipe!


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