Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy MLK Day!

I bake my bacon because everyone knows fried foods are bad for you. Ha!

Bacon, feta, cheddar quiche. My friend showed a picture of one she made on Faceplace [sic] and you know how easily I'm influenced.

This roasted broccoli is amazing. I really wanted to make broccoli gratin, but my arteries were already ticked at me for the quiche. My butt's not even talking to me. This roasting method would be great for all types of veggies. The garlic pieces were my favorite and a little parmesan cheese never hurt anything.

And what's Sunday night without a good ole roasted chicken? This recipe always makes the best pan sauce and all it takes is lemon, onion, garlic, herbs and olive oil. I usually deglaze the pan with white wine instead of chicken broth. Look how dark brown the drippings make the sauce. You have to strain and skim the fat, but it makes a rich and tangy sauce.

And I can't forget my beloved French lentils. Lots of garlic in these babies too. Inspector Gadget puts hot sauce on his. Julia Child (and my grandmother) would have a fit!

Hoping to find some crafting and/or sewing time today. Busy weekends away from my studio have me itching to create.

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  1. Looks yummy! Do you think my cracked slow cooker would allow me to fix this beforeit fell apart?



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