Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Tree is Down...Boo Ya!

Remind me next year that it's not really that hard to put all the Christmas crap away. I'm a little leary, as it all fit back in the containers loosely. I hope I didn't miss something, but I did do some culling of decorations again this year. My house is back to normal. Yay! But the microwave blew up yesterday. Boo. I guess you have to have the yin with your yang.

Saw this adorable paper pieced apple on Pinterest yesterday. I couldn't resist making one. The apple part is 3"! You can find the free pattern right here. The stem was tricky. I think I unsewed it at least five times. Ahem. I didn't cuss though. Now that's progress.

Hollywood's new net book sleeve with pockets. It's kind of flimsy, but she likes it. Wish I would have added a layer of batting. The pattern was nice and easy though. Oh snap, I should have used a coordinating pony tail holder instead of that white elastic. Next time. I just moved my hair elastics to my elastic collection. I have too much crap. I'm off to move some more of this crap outta here. Happy Saturday!


  1. I'd trade no microwave for Christmas being put up any day... congratulations!!

    ..but seriously - best of luck in getting a new microwave.

  2. Great job on the kindle cover!


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