Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Still in Baby Mode

Eek, just look at this adorable onesie with the vintage cateye glasses. That baby is pretty darn cute too. Get the how-to for the onesie right here. I didn't have the stuff, but maybe I'll have to search out the materials. I thought about painting it, but this housework ain't doing itself.

I did have a leftover onesie and a cute iron-on, so baby Mia will have to do with what I had on hand. Her trousseau is already quite impressive and the baby shower hasn't even happened yet. Who doesn't enjoy buying baby girl garb? I have been averting my eyes in the baby section of every store. I was trying to make these burp cloths, but cannot seem to locate 3-ply cloth diapers. I've only been to two stores, but I give up. Obviously the cloth diaper movement did not make the huge comeback as I'd imagined. :P

Ellison Lane Quilts is hosting a Modern Mini Challenge with lots of fabulous prizes. This five week series kicks off February 6 with inspirational ideas from a crew of very talented quilters. There will be mini quilts and mug rugs with modern twists. I have a feeling we'll get ideas and inspiration galore, even if you don't create a piece to submit to the challenge. And seeing the Blog Hop list, I can tell I'm going to be adding a few new blogs to my reading list.


  1. You still pretty much have to buy cloth diapers at specialty stores, and the local ones don't have store fronts. But, you can get prefolds suitable for burp cloths at Babies R Us.

  2. P.s. if you do want to get better diapers, here's the local shop I use:


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