Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

It's me! I won something! Check out all these fun blocks made from stripes, plaids and polka dots! There are even cute little houses! And I won them!
V from Bumble Beans and 15 Minutes Play challenged us to make blocks using only stripes, plaids and dots. Isn't it great what everyone came up with? V regularly inspires us to play with fabric and take creative license anywhere and everywhere we can. I'm hoping to have some creative play with these blocks and make them into a quilt for V's Bumble Beans Basics quilt gather.

I finished my red and white mini quilt. It's headed to Maine. I want to go to Maine. I could handle a day or two on the ski slopes. I shot the quilt on a bush outside and I do believe there was a small snake under said bush. Might have been a lizard, but it sounded more like a snake. Yep, snake season has begun.

Same bush last year. Does Maine have snakes or do I need to move to Ireland?


  1. congrats on the win. those are great blocks!

  2. woohoo, congrats on the win and that will be a great place for the quilt to go. snakes. yeesh. I've seen those creepy black snakes around and now I know they're harmless I'm ok with them. But once I found out that they've had rattlers around here? eeeeeek.

  3. Lucky girl!!!! Loving your red and white quilt. Can I go to Maine with you?

  4. whoah, that red mini quilt is super neat! one day ill learn how to sew...and cut....and iron straight!

  5. Just spent an hour plus on Bumble Beans blog. Incredible quilts.
    Congrats on your win!!!!


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