Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild held their first Sew-cial last night. There was a great turnout and I know everyone enjoyed seeing all the quilty projects. Members unveiled their projects from the Kaufman solids challenge and brought other examples of their work. As you can see, we have tons of talent in our group.

My challenge piece ran into a couple of quilting snags. I tried some wavy lines and then got brave with some free motion quilting. The stitches were irregular and downright tight. Not sure what was happening, but I spent a lovely morning in the sun "un-quilting" and then hummed the piece in the trash. Ha! Kidding.

I went with a spiral quilting inspired by this spectacular piece. I couldn't pull it off  like Alissa, but I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I saw her quilt and that light bulb went off. After my first attempt I wasn't sure what to do. And big chicken that I am, I did that spiral quilting with my trusty walking foot.

 I like this blurry shot a lot!
Now can I hum it in the trash? I'm kidding. It's growing on me and it's done!


  1. Michele, you took some great pictures of the event!!! I didn't really take any other than the challenge pieces...gonna revise my blog post and send people here. I love how your RK Solids Challenge quilt turned out, and the spiral quilting is the bomb! You definitely better not hum that in the trash ;-) I loved seeing all your other gorgeous work there as well...might have to steal a few ideas to make quilts for my friends...they really liked yours!

  2. Fabulous!!!! woohoo, this quilt turned out great. love the spiral quilting - really turned out marvelous and I can see why you were inspired by the other quilt. I have never heard the phrase "hum it in the trash" - I'm guessing that's code for "send it to Tonya." Is that a regional saying? toss, heave, throw, chuck in the trash: those would be my choices of phrasing. anyway, don't know why I'm getting hung up on that. Fabulous quilts and it looks like you guys had an awesome time!!!

  3. Your quilt turn out beautiful Michele!

  4. it looks like a wonderful event, and what a terrif play on words, sewcialising! Must use that at our next local gathering..

  5. The pretty colors on your blog always cheer me up! :) Is that Pear one really a quilt?? That is FABULOUS!


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