Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Raining!

I whipped up some potholders using this tutorial from Sew Happy Geek. My walking foot was not very happy with all those layers. I did learn something about Insul-Bright batting from this tutorial. The shiny (reflective) side should face the hot pan. Makes total sense. And yes, it says so on the wrapper, but who reads all that fine print?

I made chicken pot pie last night. Now I know why it was hot. Look at all that black pepper! I'm hooked on Penzeys Spices and their black pepper is fresh and sturdy! To make it pot pie, I cut out heart-shaped biscuits and baked them right on top. I have at least three biscuit cutters, but I can never find them, so I used a cookie cutter. It was delicious and of course I forgot to take a picture before we dug in.

The challenge flimsy is finished! Yay! Kind of Gee's Bend-ey, huh? I love those quilts. Now the scary part, quilting. I need to figure out some backing fabric too. To the stash cave, Batman.

Look at this adorable house block someone sent me. Love the hand embroidered vine and the tree! There are some talented folks out there.

I still haven't tried my new knitting hobby, but Make It and Love It is having a knitting series from the talented Rebecca Danger, author of Knitted MonstersThe Cast On is up first, so I'm going to give it a try. And yep, it's raining today. Wash all that oak pollen away please. I'm dying here.


  1. Wonderful job on your challenge quilt top!!! Very Gee's Bendy indeed. Love it.

  2. oh wow, i LOVE your solids quilt. gorgeous. Really beautiful.

  3. Wish I was at home today working on some projects. I always get inspired by you. Look out weekedn it is almost here.

  4. I love your challenge quilt!! It's gorgeous!!!


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