Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Block Party

There was some block production going on around these parts.

Brenda at Scraps and Strings is celebrating her birthday blogland style! She's having a Big B Birthday Bee. Send her best wishes and a "B" block. She's going to put them together in a quilt.

I used the talented Tonya's Word Play Quilts book for the "recipe." I think everyone has heard of Tonya and her UnRuly quiltiness, but if not, you must check her out. I've been a huge stalker fan of hers since I started quilting.

Speaking of Tonya, her wonky houses are really fun to make. I made these three house blocks for a swap. I never tire of making house blocks and I'm always game to dig into my scraps. Do those things breed in the night or something? It seems like I can never put a dent in my scraps.

Every party needs refreshments. I couldn't decide to be bad or good, so I was both.


  1. wow! I love the B and the fabric! thanks for the shout out. Those are great houses, and you're a snacker after my own heart.

  2. Wonderful B!!!! I so adore that third house with the puppy. I'm going to guess that's a pug. all great. Happy to be stalked by you. uh. friends with you. that sounds much better!


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