Sunday, March 20, 2011

National Quilting Day and Sunday Stash #23

Our guild met for our monthly Sew Day on National Quilting Day. It's always fun to see what everyone is working on and spend an entire day sewing, eating, and chatting. My family forgot all about my gifts for this special holiday. I even had to make dinner!

I wanted a little basket to keep my Sew Day trash in. This gathered round basket tutorial by A Spoonful of Sugar was a little challenging for me, but it does the job.

Sale fabrics! To celebrate National Quilting Day, of course. Love those red and white pebbles by Michael Miller. I've never met a dot I didn't like.

I finally got this little mini string quilt bound. String quilts are always such fun to make. This one finished at 12.5" x 12.5". I think it will make a good hot pad for the kitchen table.

Twin Fibers was making adorable needle books/cases from this tutorial from a new-to-me blog Sew She Sews. I love finding new creative blogs. Saves me from laundry! ;) I hope you had time to goof off and/or create this weekend.


  1. I love the little basket...but challenging?? maybe I will just admire yours! LOL
    Glad you had a fun Quilting Day!

  2. My family forgot to give me gifts as well! We need to train them better for next year! I am so jealous of your needle case...even though I have been sewing all weekend I haven't found the time to make one ;-) Your bowl and string quilt look fabulous. It was great sewing next to you yesterday. Thanks for all your help and suggestions with my projects. See you tomorrow for our OMQG Sewcial!

  3. Love that little string quilt...though in all honesty I don't think I have ever seen a string quilt I didn't like.


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