Friday, May 28, 2010

My Baby Is A Graduate!

This little guy is headed to college! He won't be attending his dad's alma mater, but will attend mine! I can't believe he is a high school graduate. That was a quick 18 years! We were very proud that he maintained a 4.0 GPA his entire senior year. He's taking the summer off to work his first job at one of our theme parks and will start college in August. It's hard to get a picture of this kid now that he's mobile. I propped him up a lot when he was a baby!

Little sis and I whipped up this decadent peanut butter cup cake to celebrate graduation. Austin didn't want a big deal made over graduating, but I don't think he minded the cake. It was delicious by the way. A sliver will do ya! They were eating it with vanilla ice cream, but my cellulite was saying "no, no, no!" Of course our cake wasn't as classy as these numbers, but we were going for taste! The entire family loves Reese's Cups.

Got a little start on some quilt blocks from this tutorial. I'm not too sure how big this quilt will get. Or how quick I'll get bored making the same block over and over! I'm using leftover strips from a honey bun. I'm hoping to get the top together during the long weekend.


  1. Yeah it does go by fast! Congrats to him!! You must be so proud!

    The PB cake looks and sounds, Yummy!

  2. that cake looks amazing! mail me one paaaplease!

    and congrats Austin


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