Monday, May 24, 2010

A Snake-Free Post

It's been a snake-free day so far. Of course, it's not even noon. The weekend was another story! Just one sighting and Fred was on the other side of the pool screen. Yay for Fred. Have fun out there big guy! I did have some sewing time this weekend.

The Blue Birdy mini is done. It's about 9" x 7.25" I'm not sure where he's headed, but I'm sure he'll find a good home.

Another batik coin quilt. I mailed it before I could measure it, but it was about 12" x 10".

New table runner for the kitchen table. Almost made me want to spring clean my kitchen, but I'm over that now. ;) I did polish the table before I put it on.

I tried appliqueing a house versus piecing it. Not quite as wonky as I wanted it, but maybe the quilting makes up for it.

I'm getting some cute quilts in for AAQI. My doll quilt swappers have met my challenge and made quilts to donate. Everyone has mentioned the size restriction being a true challenge, but you would never know that by seeing these little quilts. I'll show them to you once they've all arrived.

Happy Monday everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Glad you have no Fred...

    Say No to Fred...LOL!

    Hmmm ..I wonder which mini is mine???

    I won't even put yours on my blog!!! {{giggle}}


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