Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sies de Mayo!

Happy sixth of May! I missed celebrating Cinco de Mayo because my avocado wasn't ripe. A fitting excuse, eh? Today's not looking good for that avocado either. I should have bought a bunch in various stages of ripening. I love avocado, but I'm the only one who eats it here. Instead of guacamole, I'm making a blackberry pie for Austin. He landed a summer job at Universal Studios. He's very excited! Remember your first job? I worked at Woolco and learned to smoke in the break room. :(

Confession time. I finally quilted this donation quilt for Quilt for Kids. The organization is wonderful and they have sponsors that send kits to quilters to finish, so it's very easy. I finished the top a while ago, but as usual was intimidated by the quilting part. I finally got the nerve to do it today and it didn't turn out so bad! I just need to bind it now.

I also found this cute tutorial to make bandanna bibs. Really easy! I know lots of baby boys being born, so it will be easy to find homes for these two.

We had our Orlando Modern Quilt Guild meeting yesterday and Juanita Yeager came to give us a trunk show. Talk about inspiring! Her quilts are magnificent and we were able to see them up close. Juanita paints graphic images on silk broadcloth and then makes them come further alive with her exquisite quilting. Her pieces are breathtaking. She teaches classes nearby and I'd love to take a few. Hopefully I could keep up.

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