Thursday, May 13, 2010

Playing Hooky!

My kids were dragging this morning and they've been complaining that the teachers have given up teaching. All that's left is final exams. Since they are such brilliant students, I let them play hooky with me today. That should get me some mom points, huh? Maybe I can get them to clean their rooms if they ever wake up! A girl can hope can't she? I may take them to get sushi for lunch since hubby hates it and he trooped off to work.

Yumi, are you trying to kill me?! My Japanese quilting buddy Yumi sends me all kinds of yummy Japanese snacks. Look at that calm looking spokeswoman on the bag. She kind of looks like me when my hair is cooperating, which is not often. She really should have flames shooting out of her head and bugged-out eyes. These are WASABI peanuts. Really, hot, wasabi peanuts! I ate the whole bag. My mouth was on fire, but it was a good kind of fire. Since I can't read Japanese, it's always fun to see what the snack tastes like. My kids are always excited to see what Yumi sends. The crackers below are my favorite. And I follow American tradition and add brie cheese to brie cheese flavored crackers! And no, Oprah, I don't have some odd relationship with food. I just love it. I'm not making any silly excuses. Remind me not to watch daytime television, okay?

Had time to play a little yesterday. Still making minis. I can't stop! The batik coin quilt is for AAQI. My doll quilt swap group is sending a few in. I tried facing binding for the first time on that little mini. The owl quilt is for a swap. I tried some free motion quilting, but then I ripped it all out. Rene' send me some of your quilting vibes! I love playing in my scrap basket. More of that today I hope! Have a fun day!


  1. Michele, I think it is healthy for kids to play hooky every once in a while! How cool to have a friend such as Yumi sending you interesting goodies all the time. As usual, I'm in love with your new minis!! {I'm gonna be stalking the AAQI website for this coin quilt} How come mine never turn out as cute as yours? ;-( Was the facing binding easy? Gotta try it. I had binding issues last night on my latest AAQI attempt. See ya Saturday!

  2. Lovely little quilts, Michele! My name is Michele as well spelled the same way! So rare, but I like seeing it up there on the screen...

  3. Cute mini quilts. Such creativity! We look forward to seeing more work from you!


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