Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting Nothing Done!

To enter my Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway, click here or scroll down. The giveaways have been wonderful. I've spent more than enough time entering giveaways and finding inspiration in new blogs. And old blogs! I'm so easily distracted. It doesn't take much to get me to avoid work!

Thanks to everyone who came by my blog and joined in the giveaway. It's been a blast reading all the comments! I hope each and every one of you win something during the giveaway.

I finished the little string quilt mini. I did simple quilting during our OMQG Sew Day. Sew Day was a blast and I always walk away with inspiration from all the talent in the room. We sewed in a huge meeting room of the public library. It was very nice and everyone brought food and projects to work on. Sewing all day is a real treat! I didn't get anything finished, but I made a little progress on some UFO's.

I needed a quick little mini, and this cute quilt provided the needed inspiration Monday morning. I still haven't finished my Say Cheese! portrait quilt. All that is left is the scary quilting. Speaking of scary quilting...
I made this practice sandwich to try some free motion quilting for the orange section of the little birdy quilt. Yep, I still stink at it. Aus came in while I was quilting to harass tease me and dared me to quilt is name. Then he wanted a steaming pile of poop (bottom left). Teen humor. It never gets old. Needless to say, I stuck to straight line quilting for the mini. It turned out cute. I just need to tack the binding down. I'll show you when I'm done.
Another mini batik coin quilt. This one is a bit bigger than the last one. I found some cool purple polka dot batik fabric for the binding. I was in a purple binding mood today. Mostly because I hate to change thread! I'm a lazy designer!

I found an easy tutorial on making jeans into capris. I have a pair of lightweight jeans that the dryer made too short, so this worked perfectly. And the simple tutorial even worked for garment-sewing impaired me. I also cut out the pattern pieces to make Lauren's shirt and read the pattern instructions. I think I can handle it, but I need some tricot lining. More procrastination on that front!

Then I found this pretty quilt in blogland. I decided to test out the block with my jeans scraps and some red  checks. Look at me being green! ;) I'm not sure if I'll pursue this with real fabrics, but it sure is a neat quilt. I adore the fabrics she is using. Check them out here. This is a new blog to me. I may have to retire from quilting and work just to read blogs. Maybe I'll just give up laundry. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Bones wanted to go out a few minutes ago. This is the view from my front door. Notice anything?
Howza bout now? We went out through another door thank you very much. Obviously, the moth balls are not working. Maybe I should have strung them and made anklets for myself. Tell me I'm not a snake magnet.


  1. Love the little birdie quilt. Got a couple big projects to finish and then get my hands dirty with some little ones again. It is so nice having a little one I can finish in a weekend.

  2. Love your snake stories! Thanks for the show and tell. I've got nothing going on over here...quilting related anyway. I've got to check out those blog links too. I haven't even had time to enter more than a handful of giveaways this week....whine, whine, whine ;-) Hope you have a good day!

  3. Love your mini quilts and yikes! That snake would have scared the dickens out of me! :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)


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