Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Challenge Complete

I finished my portrait quilt for Bumble Beans' Portrait Challenge. The quilting is a little funky, but I had fun with it. Who knows what I'll do with it, but I enjoyed the challenge and it provided much-needed quilting practice.
Look at me writing in thread! I was too chicken to try it in a contrasting thread.

A little mini I made from tiny scraps leftover from my hexagon blocks. I'm all caught up with the quilt-a-long and look forward to see how we put these hex blocks all together.

Here are a few other things that I've got up my sleeve. Nothing like blogs to distract you in a good way! It's a fortunate thing I don't read "clever bank robber" blogs.
That list should keep me out of trouble today! Hope everyone is having fun.

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  1. You already know I love your portrait:) That scrap mini is pretty cute, too. Julie's hexagon quilt-along has been tempting me, so I may have to try that one!


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