Friday, May 14, 2010

Only Two More Space Shuttle Lift-offs Left

After today, there will only be two more space shuttle flights before they retire the fleet. I hope space exploration is able to continue even if America has to assume smaller responsibilities. It sure has been an exciting ride. This is the view from my snakey backyard. Not bad for 50 miles away. I should have used the good camera, but someone did not charge the batteries. Still beautiful though. It always takes my breath away.

My dad worked at the space center 40+ years, so space exploration kept me in shoes growing up. He lives over on the space coast, so I hope to see one of the last two lift-offs with him. I'll bring the good camera.

This has been quilted a while, but I decided to wash it for a crinkly look. I always waver back and forth about washing mini quilts. Sometimes I like the crinkly look, and sometimes I hate it. I think I should have quilted in the border. Can I still do that or will it pucker? Quilting is definitely not my forte. I liked this one better as a top.

I played around with some string blocks with black sashing. I'm trying to decide what to bring to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild Sew Day. I like to have lots of different stuff to work on, since I have the attention span of an ant. And goodness knows I have a zillion projects in the works and a zillion more in my head. Someone come clean my house so I can play!

A little mini for another swap. Don't forget Monday is Sew, Mama, Sew's Giveaway Day. Carve out some time to enter to win from your fellow bloggers and crafters. I always find so many more cool new blogs to read during these giveaways. I wish I could get paid for reading blogs! So much inspiration out there.


  1. I have to say the shuttle is one thing I really miss. I hate when I hear how it landed and I cant hear the boom's anymore, now im stuck hearing the tornado sirens every second Tuesday of the month, and i still havent figured out what if a tornado comes on the second Tuesday of the month- we are just screwed!!

  2. I'm also part of the sew mama sew giveaway! :D yay! see ya there..

  3. Michele, enjoyed seeing you at Sew Day! Love these minis! Hope it works out for you to see a shuttle lift off up close and personal!


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