Monday, May 10, 2010

Pies, Crabs, and Snakes, Oh My!

We're a pie family mostly. My husband likes apple pie for his birthday, our anniversary, Father's Day, or any day. Unfortunately, my son doesn't like apple pie. His favorites are berry pies. Since I made hubby an apple pie a couple of weeks ago, Austin asked if I would make him a blackberry pie. Too bad Lauren doesn't like apple or blackberry pie. She's more of an Oreo frozen pie kind of girl. My favorite is a cross between rhubarb/strawberry or pecan pie. So...if we all want pie for dessert I have to make four pies! Luckily I love to make pies.

I finished the Quilts for Kids quilt and it's in the mail. Nice to have that done!

Our friend Mike and his twin sister Cindy had a birthday party Saturday. Look at Mike trying to suck his gut in! That's after we ate all day! That's hubby in the red swim trunks. We ate for hours and had my absolutely favorite food in the crabs! There was also boiled shrimp, oysters, clams, bleu cheese potato salad, fresh sauteed squash with green chili's, corn and goat cheese, macaroni and cheese, fruit salad, and birthday cakes. Chris Ann and Mike always feed us well. I need to get the potato salad and squash recipes from her. They were awesome!
 Hi Princess! The dog likes me!

More snake stories. I'm over it ya'll. Really. I need tranquilizers or I'm moving to Ireland.

Sunday, hubby was scuba diving in our pool (don't ask). I walked out on the screened-in pool deck to check on him and notice this small snake swimming right above him in the pool. It was hovering over him and I was afraid hubby was going to surface. So brave me, the snake wrangler magnet, grabs a pool skimmer and lo and behold there's that big black snake right by it. I scared the hiss out of that snake and screamed my snake scream. By then I've chickened out about getting the little 12" snake out of the pool, so I shoo pool snake away from hubby and poke the skimmer down to make hubby surface.

Hubby doesn't have his glasses on, so once he surfaces and takes his mask off he decides little pool snake looks poisonous. Little pool snake gets his head chopped off and my poor daughter has to remove the carcass, which is still wriggling. She wants to put it out of its misery, so more chopping ensues. I also found out my husband actually has a "snake tool" in the garage. What?! I know he's a tool freak, but is a snake tool necessary? Poor Lauren had to get the snake hook and a shovel to assist dad in snake removal. I'm out there freaking out and being basically useless. Turns out the snake was probably a baby rat snake and not poisonous. Oops. Sorry to kill you. I hope your mama doesn't come looking for me.

Hubby gets out of the pool to get the larger snake off the deck. He didn't even take the scuba tank off. My hero!

I don't have pictures of this because I didn't have my camera, but I was waiting for someone to come to their door the other day and I heard some awfulness behind me. No one was home and I knew when I turned around there would be a snake. Sure enough! One of those big black ones. Luckily, he slithered away from me. Then I went home and took blood pressure medicine.

Okay, so a little poll here, is it just me or do you see lots of snakes in the summer too? I live in a suburban neighborhood with sidewalks! There is water around me (lakes and ponds) so we've seen poisonous water moccasins too. Scary. I've been doing this little snake dance all my life, but I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to hell or something. I'd like to act up a little bit if my fate is already decided.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. Hardest job in the world, so please do some internet shopping at your earliest convenience.


  1. We're over in Winter Park, but our neighborhood literally ends at the swampy part of Mead Gardens. We get Raccoons, Opossums and all kinds of critters. We have alot of dense foliage in our tiny yard, and this should be snake heaven. But, I see a snake maybe once every other summer. I started to say that maybe it was because we don't have a pool, and then I realized that we do have a pond so... I don't know. You seem to be a snake magnet.

  2. I live in the Northeast and I rarely see snakes. Maybe have seen them in the wild Min my vicinity less than 15 times in my life. My mom did have a corn snake as a pet, but that doesn't count I guess. But I really like your stories, so keep em coming!! :) :) Snakes don't scare me really, but then we don't have poisonous ones here, I may feel different if we did. Now spiders are a whole other story!! :)



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