Friday, December 9, 2011

Hacking Around the Christmas Tree

I am such a hack. Saw these adorable little owls here, which were inspired by these cuties. It's a talented blogland out there.

Ever have days when you feel like this? Bones sleeps so oddly. That's his pillow bed to the left. And if the UPS guy rings the doorbell, he charges to the door usually with the blanket on top of him.

I finally finished an AAQI quilt. Yumi and I challenged each other to work with solids. I went with a minimalist look. Her beauties have been here for a while. Now to get these quilts registered. I should make one more to keep up with Yumi. Maybe I can ignore some housework this weekend. ;)

I've been meaning to show you this beautiful Thanksgiving table setting my For the Love of Solids partner styled. That's my table runner! The AAQI quilt design kind of reminded me of the runner. I hacked myself.


  1. I love your thanksgiving table. Think I'll hack your table runner for my Christmas dinner. Where did you get those CUTE plates!!!

  2. black background with any primary colors of your choice. the table is 108" and 60" wide. i'll trust your judgement on the length and width. LOL!

    very creative and simple. just what i love to see.



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