Monday, December 26, 2011

Did You Survive?

I hope everyone survived the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I even braved the mall two days before Christmas. Crazytown, I tell you. Hollywood and I had a great time though. I love shopping with that kid. She's a bargain hunter and loves to people watch like me. Apparently, Orlando is a huge holiday destination. Might be that 85 degree weather and plethora of theme parks. Did I mention we're surrounded by beautiful beaches? Spend, spend, spend lovely tourists. And drive carefully, I have kids on the roads.

Our big family Christmas get together was held at my Aunt's house. I promised no Facebook photos, so I assume no one wants to appear on my blog either. Chickens! Probably for the best. It got wild. There was eating, singing, dancing, four excited doggies and a wicked Dirty Santa game. We came home with a popcorn maker, buffet warmer and a mosaic tile table. Poor College Boy entertained the tourists at one of the above mentioned theme parks, so we didn't do our family celebration until Christmas night.

Inspector Gadget thinks it odd that I still get the kids stockings, but I've always loved buying and collecting the little things that go into their stockings. The day before Christmas I stumbled upon their baby teeth I had saved in zip lock baggies. Not only is the tooth fairy a pack rat, but she's also so disorganized that she didn't label whose teeth they were. No matter, I stuffed the teeth bags into their stockings. Let's just say the kiddos are constantly reminded how odd their mother is. My work here is done.

Here's hoping your holidays were filled with laughter and great food. Like the song says, it really is the "most wonderful time of the year." Even if your sickly dishwasher dies Christmas Eve. Guess what Santa brought me for Christmas?

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  1. wheee, all looks yummy and wonderful. this was the first year I didn't do stockings. rather sad, but since they usually end up mostly chocolate, for the best.


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