Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eek! It's December

I made a few of these Christmas tree ornaments last year and one more yesterday for a thank you gift. I get selvages from several sources. Now I need to make something with them. So many projects, so little time.

I made kale and potato soup a few days ago. For me. I was tired of turkey leftovers. I have no idea why my family won't try or eat kale. I really like it. Now if I could just learn to make a small pot of soup versus the usual vat. I guess I could try freezing it.

I had so much kale that I used the last of it to make kale chips. Have you ever had these things? Very addictive. The Crash Kid did try them, she said they were okay. They get soggy after they sit a while, so I ate the whole tray.

Our tree is up. We skipped this step last year. Oopsie. I tossed almost all my Christmas decorations the year before last. Cookie jars, wreaths, linens, candle holders, etc. You accumulate a lot over the years. It was out of control. It's much easier and organized now. I love seeing all the ornaments that we've collected and made over the years. They bring back such good memories of the holidays and family.

And note, no Christmas presents under the tree. Our family tradition is to open presents before Christmas. Once they go under the tree, all bets are off. Yes, we're bad.


  1. I have always wondered about the Kale, seems lately I have been seeing more and more recipes with it popping up.

    ,,,,LOL....great tree!

  2. i know it's good for you, and i'm always tempted to try it but doesn't kale have to cook and cook and cook and cook and ... i think you get my point.

  3. Thank you for mine. It's hanging in the car again.
    I won't do Kale either. But I bet the soup would be great with spinach!
    Your tree looks great.


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