Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hump Day

I really shouldn't be amazed at the things I find in College Boy's car when I borrow it to go to the grocery store. Because everyone needs a bullhorn in their vehicle. Actually, it might come in handy at the mall parking lot this holiday season. This is why I shop online.

I have stalked this blog for a long time. Check out her mad quilting skills. This little mini I made features some of her amazing applique designs from her Flower Garden Pillow tutorial. Yep, I still stink at free motion quilting, but you can't blame a girl for not trying!

Where's Waldo? Bones thinks he's getting away with something by sitting on the tree skirt. Well, it is a cheapie quilted tree skirt, and animals always want to be on quilts.

I found this sweet little teacup last week at the thrift store. I wanted to make a pincushion, but now I'm afraid to ruin it with glue. My grandmother collected teacups and saucers and the kids and I got to choose one for each of us when she died. I didn't feel right gluing family heirlooms, so I've been on the lookout for a cute set I could use for a pincushion.


  1. your fmq looks fine from here. I like practicing on small projects like that. and go ahead and glue the teacup. that way you can enjoy it everyday in your sewing room.

  2. I love your FMQ! I think it adds a ton of character to the mini quilt! Very cute!

  3. Hi chele, I thought your fmq looked great and then :( you went and dissed yourself. I still say it looks pretty!!

    Peak a Boo, wheres Bones? Yep, I spy a puppy hiding out. Mine is not under the tree :0 shes hanging in my bed. Under the covers no less. (groan) lol

    Love the tea cup. Sure would make a beautiful pin cushion. I'm going to be posting a new pin cushion/needlebook on my blog in the next couple of days. It's almost finished. You'll have to come take a peak.

  4. love the little quilt, if your quilting sucks I don't know where that leaves mine.

  5. Your FMQ looks good to me! That's a pretty little mini:)

    The teacup will make a great pincushion and you'll use it every day. Go for it!

    No malls for me...bullhorn or not!

  6. oh, that's a sweet little quilt!


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