Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Elfing Around

The little project yesterday was this adorable kid's tool belt.

I finished up these tree ornaments. Go look at the Lemon Tree Creations versions using old wooden thread spools. They are adorable. Have I told you lately how inspiring the internet is?

Hollywood made this wall hanging in kindergarten. I thought it was such a cute idea for little ones. Her kindergarten teacher was the best. I lost the dowel (or probably used it for something) years ago, so I just pinned it to my laundry room curtains.

The kids' handmade ornaments are among my favorites. I wish I had put dates on these cuties. My mom has versions of them on her tree too.


  1. Michele! Michele here. Love your blog; I'm adding it to my Google reader list because apparently 150 blogs is not quite enough for me :-)

  2. Love your tree ornaments! I must try some. And your kid's ornaments are the sweetest!

    Also love Bones. I had a dachshund—Gracie—for 15+ years. Such great dogs.

  3. Fun stuff! I need to make more handmade ornaments with Ali. Thanks for the inspiration!


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