Wednesday, November 30, 2011


My friend Dotty sent me her latest selvage creation. I wonder if I could get away with calling this our Christmas decoration? Bah humbug!

I can't quit making these travel tissue holders.

Bones has been enjoying the food of the holidays. The little pill stole an entire pack of pumpkin Pop Tarts out of Hollywood's purse (see the wrapper?). He managed to get it open and gobble down two(!) Pop Tarts. Not a crumb left. He only weighs 10 lbs., so I'm sure he was quite full. But no, later in the day Inspector Gadget made him a huge bowl of turkey and fixings. Needless to say, Mr. Bones has been going on extra walks this holiday season.

This is how I found him yesterday. Somehow he had managed to get his monkey blanket up on the TV stand. What a silly pup. Ignore the dust, the maid is on strike.

Wasting Flea Market Fancy jelly rolls strips is kind of fun. I hear they might reprint this coveted collection. It doesn't do much for me, but there are big time fans out there.

Not much sewing go on here, but I did make a mug rug yesterday. I'm hoping to fit in some time at the machine today. I'm sure that kitchen will scrub itself while I get some work done.


  1. fun snow-person, and great little projects. you must have the same maid as I do. btw: we don't have a self-cleaning toilet, but our newest low flush toilet does have a lid that closes almost by itself.

  2. That's a great little snowman! How in the world did Bones get the blanket up there? Quite the determined pooch.

    Dusting is over-rated:-)

  3. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen made with selvages!

  4. You and naughty-and-too-cute Bones are too funny! Love the eye-candy projects!

  5. Love your snowman! That's one more Christmas decoration than I have up at my house. Cute mug rug too with those luscious prints!

  6. Love that mug rug! And yeah, dusting and cleaning are a total waste of our talents.

    Bones reminds me of a dog we had that ate whatever he could reach. And sometimes that required getting up on the kitchen counter. To this day, I still check to make sure the oven is empty before I turn it on because I always hid food in there. The dog never did figure out how to open the oven!

  7. Bones is such a cutie pie. love that he managed to get his blankie up on the shelf. dust, what's dust? I see no such thing. ever.


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