Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Friend Yumi

My friend Yumi lives in Japan. We met on The Quilting Board a couple of years ago and became fast friends. She is one of the funniest, sweetest and smartest people I know. We talk about all kinds of things. From cooking and aliens to cultures and child rearing. Plus, we both love quilting and fabric, so those are always popular subjects.

Yumi is also one of the most talented quilters and designers I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. She loves using kimono scraps and embellishments in her quilts and her hand quilting makes me swoon. We send each other care packages from time to time. I send Yumi items from America that were made in Japan and she sends me Cheeza crackers, which I'm seriously addicted to. Kidding. I try to find unique items to send her and she always spoils me with various goodies. But I am kind of addicted to Cheezas. They're great with brie.

Cathedral Windows

Mini Kimono

Japanese Goldfish
Yumi's latest package arrived and she has created three more mini quilts for AAQI. I'm her pusher for AAQI. I talked her into making a quilt years ago and she's made several since then. These three will be available on the AAQI site once I get them registered. Here's a link to her last batch.

Yumi also sent these adorable little macaroon zippered pouches. They're very tiny, so of course they're cute. What is it about tiny things being so cute? Yumi knows how to hand sew beautifully and has tried to teach me her techniques. I'm always in awe of hand sewing and hand quilting. I can barely hold a needle without poking myself.
I'm sharing this cute little pink macaroon to anyone who leaves a comment. It's even cuter in person and it could come to your house.

More Flat Out bread roll ups for lunch fare. The top one is mine. Laughing Cow Blue Cheese, avocado and fresh tomato. Messy, but good. College boy got mustard, pastrami, Swiss cheese, romaine and dill pickles.


  1. What a fun friendship!! Her pieces are fabulous.

    And on another note, we've just discovered flat-out bread, too, and love it!!

  2. I love the little macaroons. And...not liking pastrami, I want your flat out bread roll up!! It looks yummy!

  3. lovely litle quilts. I can tell her fabric sources are different in Japan than here in North America. I would be happy to give one of those little macaroons a home.thanks for the chance.

  4. Yumi is so talented and lucky to have such a good friend. I would love ones of those macaroons.

  5. what wonderful gifts, truly a very talented person. It's great that you have this friendship

  6. I adore the little macaroons and would love to win one. It is so nice to see different styles of sewing and quilting from other parts of the world. Yumi has a beautiful style.

  7. What a wonderful friendship. Yumi's work is wonderful-I would love to win the macaroon. Trader Joes! I stop when I'm traveling and see one. Always!

  8. I am a follower of Yumis blog, but I haven't seen the little macaroons before. How gorgeous!


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