Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The blue crabs were delicious. Here they are in live form. They were feisty. Did you know that the female crabs have red-tipped claws? You can easily determine the sex of a crab by looking at the underside. See the one turned upside down? That's a female. I just recently found out that she-crabs paint their nails! I also found out what the mustard inside them is, but I won't scare you with that bit of knowledge.

Here are the crabs after we've steamed them. The beers are just props. ;)

"Float" by Yumi

"Together" by Yumi

"Heart" by Yumi
Just look at these three gorgeous art quilts made by my friend Yumi in Japan. She made these for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. They are all so unique. The hand quilting is so pretty and I love the fabrics she uses. Some of the fabrics are from kimonos.

Yumi also sent me my favorite brie-flavored Cheeza crackers and other fun snacks. She also included some fabric covered buttons and button forms too. I shall repay her in funky fabric and Badia Sazon Tropical, which is a Cuban seasoning I have her hooked on.


  1. so when are you coming down here to cook for me? hee hee hee. What do you do with that Badia seasoning? cute quilts, I love that last one.

  2. Hi Chele,
    Thanks for posting my mini quilts on your blog. I am so happy to have you as a friend who would have me join in the donation to AAQI.
    You always surprise me with the funky goodies in the package, looking forward to it.


  3. YUM!!! You're makin' me want some crabs!! Luckily we're going to the beach in a couple weeks, so delicious seafood will be had.

  4. Love your getting Yumi to make quilts for AAQI and I especially loved that she called you 'Chele' I may call you that so I don't have to feel like the 'old Christine' calling the 'new Christine' the same name ;)I have updated all of your recent AAQI quilts onto the AAQI Liberated Challenge page. We are amazing Ami:)


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