Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reading is FUNdamental.

I've been reading. My cousin blew into town and gave me two books. The Help  The Hunger Games I was curious about The Help, but I knew nothing about The Hunger Games. They're both very good if you need a good summer read.

College boy was reading a book his girlfriend gave him and it made my heart soar. My kids didn't get the reading bug I caught early on, so it makes me so happy to see them read and enjoy a book. They both loved books as babies and toddlers and I read them novels later on. Their elementary school practically shoved books down the kids' throats and made reading more of a chore than entertainment. I've never forgiven them for that.


  1. I enjoy reading and will always prefer the real-deal books to today's virtual readers. *But* since I got an iPad I've read a book every couple of days. It's nice to see a recommendation like yours and be able to download the book within moments. I read the help and enjoyed it every much. I will have to try the other one you mentioned.

  2. These are two of my favorites!!!! Unfortunately, my boys are the same...Accelerated Reading killed their joy of reading :(

  3. I just ordered The Help on the paperback copy. I would like to see the movie too.


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