Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer is Rolling Along

After a busy weekend, I stole away to the sewing studio during our rainstorm yesterday. Two more wonky star blocks for the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild's monthly block lotto. I made the red version earlier. I can't wait to see what everyone made. Our color direction was black and white with a primary color. Someone is going to be lucky to win all these wonky stars.

Vietnamese Summer Rolls are one of my very favorite things to eat. The peanut dipping sauce is why I love these so much. Making summer rolls is pretty easy. My rolling technique could use work. Mine aren't as pretty as they serve at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, but they taste just as good. You can fill these with anything, but this time I used roast pork, shrimp, noodles, scallion, grated carrot, cilantro and cucumber. Yum! I want more. Or maybe just a vat of that killer peanut sauce, which is really easy to make.

To go along with our Vietnamese appetizers, I made some pork and noodle pho which is always good. I love the balance of the flavorful broth and crunchy raw vegetables and fresh herbs. And don't forget the Rooster hot sauce.


  1. I could eat this every day! Looks delish!

  2. I am not an asian food kinda girl, but those sure are pretty!!!

    btw - the Terminix ad below these comments is really ekeing me out. :)

  3. Cute stars - will miss the meeting tomorrow, boo hoo. Just ate an apple for dinner and it feels very inferior ( and I am still hungry) when I look at your summer rolls pics! yum :)

  4. those star blocks just POP!!! I love them!


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