Monday, August 22, 2011

Let Me Entertain You

Or not. I'll be the first to admit it. I enjoy odd movies and television. Never let me handle the remote or choose what movie were watching. Rich college boy pays for NetFlix here at the casa and I take advantage of the television series, movies and documentaries available. I've "Jimmy Rigged" my studio television to play NetFlix while I work sew, so I'm always in search of entertainment.

By the way, Jimmy is my younger cousin. As a child, he dismantled every appliance in my aunt's house. When auntie needed her hand mixer back, Jimmy had to rig it because invariably there were missing pieces and parts. This is further proof that my son got his genes fair and square. I can't tell you how many destroyed items we've found in his room over the years. When he was a little guy and our toaster broke, I gave it to him to take apart. I know, mother of the year. I told him he could play with it as long as he didn't plug it in or drip crumbs everywhere. Come to think of it, this is probably how bomb makers get their start. Sorry world. Jimmy turned out splendidly so maybe there's hope.

Okay, so back to entertainment. Have you ever seen A Clockwork Orange? Oh. my. goodness. I have to admit, I was only half catching it, but man, what an odd movie. I think I'm ready to tackle The Wizard of Oz in it's entirety after that little jewel. I'm still looking away when those flying monkeys come on screen. Those guys are just frightening. The wicked witch is bad enough. Still, I should see this classic. I also need to put Gone with the Wind on my list. If anyone wants to explain A Clockwork Orange to me, I'm all ears.

I can recommend Jim Gaffigan: Beyond the Pale. Mr. Gaffigan is a wonderful comedian and pretty clean as comedians go. He pokes fun at every day topics. I guarantee you'll laugh.

Here's a little funny for us quilters. And I'm going to freak you out again, but I've never seen a Star Wars movie. Not even the first one. Wasn't I sheltered? Someone let me watch Hitchcock's The Birds when I was about five. I'm still afraid of birds.


  1. I just watched ET for the first time ever with my grandkids the other day. It was definitely odd but fun too.

  2. Oh and I've never see the Wizard of Oz. Made it difficult when I was trying to make a pincushion for a swap partner who loved OZ...

  3. I saw pictures of the movie in the book A Clockwork Orange a few years ago, and I've never quite gotten over that scarring scene... yikes.

  4. (for the record, I didn't read the book - I was just thumbing through it. So I can't explain it to you. And, ironically enough considering the pictures, thumbing through it at a CHURCH library. Bizarre indeed.)

  5. Love Oz, didn't get Clockwork either ~ hated Gone with the Wind. Do check out the "Dollhouse" series on Netflix. There are 26 episodes. Couldn't put the iPad down.

  6. hmm, you must have been seriously traumatized by those Birds that you're still scared by the flying monkeys. i think they're awesome! I suspect that super-geniuses who invent crazy new things get their start dismantling toasters too. I've read the book and seen the movie A Clockwork Orange and don't really care for either of them. The importance of free will even at the cost of violence would be my guess on the theme. Gone With the Wind? Bleck. Doctor Who and Mad Men are both on NI. And Top Gear which is a hoot and easy to sew to cuz you don't have to pay much attention.

  7. hey there Michele - I just caught up on a few days of your blog - I love the stuff you're working on, especially the sewing machine mini! anytime you want to borrow our Star Wars collection for the weekend say the word!


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